Django Tutorial Progress and Focus

I'm running out of things to write about.

Except, of course, I'm not.

Just because the days are more similar to each other than they used to be doesn't make them the same.

I continue to stream. Did it twice yesterday. I've got the basics of Django figured out. I spent time last night during the Bama game refining the tutorial I'm putting together. While working on that, I did a searching and came across a very well done set of videos. I knew there was better training out there. I didn't look for it on purpose. I wanted to use the official tutorial as my raw material. I knew everything was there, it just wasn't put together well. The challenge become not only to learn but to reassemble the raw material into something that makes sense.

In the editing, I completely rearranged the tutorial. I set it up with a TDD Red/Green vibe. There's no way to use actual tests at the start, so I'm using error messages. Progress is made by fixing one error message, getting a new one, fixing it, etc... This approach lets you see what's going on instead of just thrown a bunch of code into files and hoping it works at the end. You see progress with each change. It'll also help newer developers get used to working with error messages. Something that's critical to becoming a competent developer but isn't emphasized in teaching at all.

Originally, I was planning to work on my vlog today. Instead, I'm going to keep working on this Django tutorial and some other coding things on stream. This is another new thing in my brain where I'm focused (and have the focus) to wrap one thing up before jumping to another. I'm digging it.