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Streaming For The Second Wind

October 2020


Almost didn't write today.

Had meetings first thing that just kept going and going and going. I didn't think about writing again until now (6:45pm).

The only reason I remember is because I started editing my stream notes from last night. Those notes are close enough to a journal that my memory kicked in. So, I made it and won't have an empty day on the calendar.

I'm looking forward to coding tonight. I mean, I've pretty much been looking forward to it every night since I started streaming. But, tonight especially so. It was one of those days that kinda kicks your ass. Even after that, I'm jazzed about streaming. I've got a second wind. It reminds me of getting ready to go on stage with a band.

There's no stage and there's no band, but there is a performance. The energy that comes with it is golden.

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