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Black Curtains Installed - Journal For Jan 2 2021

January 2021

I hung blackout curtains in the home office (aka studio). It's great for helping the lighting for my ThisIsHowToCode.com videos. It also cuts way down on the ambient noise in the room. I didn't realized how much there was until it went away.

The entire environment is really setup to knock down noise. There are the are sound absorbing panels on one wall that I put up years ago. I have a thin carpet on the opposite wall that knocks sound down a little, but now there's a backdrop setup in front of that with a thicker material. Then the black out curtains and finally the light in front of my monitor has a piece of fabric draped over it to diffuse light that absorbs some sound too.

There's only one wall that isn't treated. But, it has the closet with the doors partially open so they reflect sound towards the panels and backdrop instead of directly back into the room. And, the door is on that wall. It's so the sound escapes that way.

Overall, super lower noise. I don't think you can tell any difference on the recordings because I've got a noise filter in place that removes sounds below 30dB but it makes a difference to me in the room. It's really nice. To the point where I'm thinking about treating the final wall as well.

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