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My Moonlander Layout - Day 1 - Version 25

I bought a Moonlander Keyboard to give a split mechanical keyboard a try. Among other things, you can customize every key to type whatever you want by customizing the layout.

Here's what I ended up with after the first day:

January 2021
  A moonlander keyboard layout
  A moonlander keyboard layout
  A moonlander keyboard layout

It's kinda all over the place, but it's treating me much better than the default layout.

Basically, I'm trying to put the keys under my fingers in the way that requires the least effort.

One big example of this is the "Return" and "Space" keys. By default, those actions were mapped to the top of the cluster of thumb keys. "Return" on the right side and "Space" on the left. I've always hit "Space" with my right thumb, so first thing I did was to swap them.

I realized that it still required reaching for them. Since those keys get used basically as much as individual letters I moved them up even further. Placing them directly under where my thumbs hang naturally.

This is definitely taking some getting used to. After the first day, I think I've got a chance at it. (though, I do wish there was one more row of keys on the ouside of each side. Mainly so the "Return" key could exist in the place that it's always been)

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