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The Lithium is Working - Journal for October 26 2020

October 2020

The Lithium is working.

I did another live coding stream last night. I spent the first part enhancing my Keyboard Maestro ] (https://www.keyboardmaestro.com/main/) macros that setup my environment for streaming. I removed some duplication, updated the way my local [ Django site triggers them, and set them up to adjust font sizes as well as window sizes. There are a few other apps to look at to see if I can automatically update their font sizes. Other than that, the macros are in really good shape.

The second half of the stream was devoted to making progress on my music syncing project. I got the YouTube iFrame API setup to automatically switch between videos. The second video starts a few seconds before the first one ends. The audio of the first video also fades into the second one. The code is very much a hack. It only works with two hard coded videos, but it works. The next step is to break it out so it works with full playlists. I'll be working on getting them and prepping the data to feed to the API today.

Oh yeah, I'm off today. So, I get to spend the whole day coding for myself. If I get on as much of a roll as I was yesterday, I'll make a ton of progress.

The good news is that the excitement hasn't spun me up into bipolar mania. I was a little worried a few times last night. I kept waking up with new ideas for the project. That's something that used to happen before I was medicated. It was a sign of mania. I'd pop up at 3am and work for hours before crashing out again.

Last night I was mostly drifting in and out. I wasn't awake enough to really get going. At 3:30am it was different. I came to. That's where I got worried. But, I was able to tell myself to just roll over. I laid there for a bit and drifted off again.

This new thing where I can be excited about things without mania is incredible.

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