Remove CSS From Your Tutorials

### TL;DR

Tutorial Designers: Stop adding CSS to tutorails that aren't about CSS. It makes it harder to learn.

### What's This All About?

After cloning the template repo, the first instruction is to run:

All CSS.

Zero data.

In fact, the entire first half is devoted to nothing but adding CSS plugins, imports, files, and code. None of it's necessary. All of it gets in the way of the tutorial.

### Learning Is Hard

Saying "learning is hard" is cliché. But, we forget how hard it actually is. With our experience, we bring unconscious contexts to our work. We jump between them without noticing. When we're learning, we don't have context. It's what we're after and finding it is _hard_. Being thrown into another context (even one we're familiar with) makes it even harder.

Consider this: If you were learning a new framework, would it be easier to understand the code on the left or the right?

This isn't a hypothetical. It's copied directly from the Gatsby tutorial. The original version is on the left. The right is what it looks like with the CSS removed.

Each is as good as the other when it comes to demonstrating how data works. As teaching tools, they couldn't be farther apart. The CSS introduces a huge, unnecessary cognitive burden.

### The Art Of Tutorials

Creating a tutorial is like making a sculpture. We start with a giant block of knowledge and whittle it down to something digestible. But, the goal isn't to make something beautiful. The goal is to transfer knowledge. Adding flourish gets in the way. It's putting form over function when function is all that matters.

Or responsibility is to keep carving away. To get to the essence. To the bare minimum necessary to show people the way.

Doing anything less is a disservice to those we're trying to serve.