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Find A Deadlock Blocking Query In Redshift

February 2021

NOTE: There are two of theses files, need to figure out which is which:

find-a-deadlock-blocking-query-in-redshift find-a-deadlock-blocking-query-in-redshift-tmp

Run this to find deadlocks in Redshift:

select a.txn_owner, a.txn_db, a.xid, a.pid, a.txn_start, 
    a.lock_mode, a.relation as table_id,
    nvl(trim(c."name"),d.relname) as tablename, 
    a.granted,b.pid as blocking_pid,
    datediff(s,a.txn_start,getdate())/86400||' days '||
    ' hrs '||datediff(s,a.txn_start,getdate())%3600/60||
    ' mins '||datediff(s,a.txn_start,getdate())%60||
    ' secs' as txn_duration
from svv_transactions a 
left join (select pid,relation,granted from 
    pg_locks group by 1,2,3) b 
on a.relation=b.relation and a.granted='f' and b.granted='t' 
left join (select * from stv_tbl_perm where slice=0) c 
on a.relation=c.id 
left join pg_class d on a.relation=d.oid
where  a.relation is not null;

If you find one, kill it with:

select pg_terminate_backend(###);
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