Transitioning From Hugo To Gatsby

- Move Hugo `content` files:

- [x] make sure date exists - [x] figure out how you want do deal with date format differences - type: date value: '2020-09-23T16:44:38.000Z' - type: number value: 1612732288 - [x] Translate code highlighting - [x] Translate image calls - [x] migrate images - [] deal with drafts - [] deal with images that aren't in the same folder - [x] figure out why `some-miles-davis` showed up empty (seems to have been the limit on making pages) - ] - deal with videos like: [ - [] update links if necessary (e.g. if you find old wp/blog links) - [] add `created` date - [x] make a year directory based off the file data. - [x] move the directory with it's name - [x] move the file - [x] add a slug the the yaml frontmatter - [x] make sure tags transfer properly - [] figure out what to do with summary - [] add tags for journals, browing history, etc... - [] think about cleaning other frontmatter as you see it. - [x] make all date formats the same - [x] Find files that aren't - [x] move images - update Hugo image shortcodes to gatsby image calls - update Hugo code block shortcodes to something that works in gatsby - Make sure markdown image calls work. - Deal with missing images - deal with any other Hugo shortcodes - any built-ins - content__remove_css_clear - content__remove_css_obfuscated - img - img2 - js_card_randomizer - youtube_autoplay_hashes - youtube_autoplay - youtube

- nvAlt File Move


- PyCharm Projects



- gatsby-transformer-remark gatsby-remark-prismjs prismjs

- gatsby-remark-embed-video

- gatsby-remark-responsive-iframe