Moonlander Keyboards Use OEM Row 3 Keycaps Made Out of PBT

I couldn't find details on what the moonlander ships with. A quick note to support got me the answer:

Type: OEM Row 3 Material: PBT

I'm mainly writing this post to help other folks find that info.

Instead of sawpping keys, the moonlander folks recommend printing labels with a label maker and sticking them on the existing keys. Bonus suggestion: use transparent tape so the LEDs can shine through.

I was exploring all those options when I found a path further down the rabbit hole: Custom Made Resin Keys.

These things are amazing. Even better, it got me thinking, "I can use resin". There's some great videos showing how to cast your own. My favorite, by far, is with an L2K adapter. L2K stands for "Lego to Keycap". You use the little adapter and surround it with lego blocks to make a mold for your keys.

I've been looking for a hobby where I can do something with my hands. This will do nicely.