Getting Ready To Record In The House

At the house

hands are cold. the heats on, but it's only at 68 degrees.

haven't gotten the blood moving yet which is making it a little hard to type.

Also, I've got my monitor zoomed way out which makes the font size small and, worse, give a decent delay between my typing and the letter showing up. It's throwing me off.

In fact, stand by.

okay, trying a different app. let's see if that's any better...


Okay, take three. Setup the monitor to a different zoom and it's responsive again. (Well, it's still a little laggy, but it's not as bad as it was and it's not throwing me off any more)

So, with that out of the way, now I can type.

First thing on today's agenda: write

Status: in progress

getting back to the idea of making writing the first thing that I do in the morning. Though, that's going to change up a bit since I've started going into the office again. I haven't adjusted my sleep schedule yet to really get into that. so I'm not up early enough to write before going in yet.

Daylight savings time just clicked over. So, that'll help.

Other things on today's agenda:

• record a podcast episode • order a new MacBook • stream working on my site migration (and hopefully finish it up)

The podcast is interesting to me. I've been recording a podcast/vlog for a few years now but haven't published any of them. Partially that's because I want to start at the start, but the idea of going all the way back is overwhelming.

So, I'm going to record one on the office setup and just start publishing from there. The idea being that I'll back at some point and edit down the prior ones.

Of course, that's funny in a way. If I'd use the time I'm about to spend going back to the previous stuff I could make a good start. And, I do want to do that, but more important for me right now is the drive to create.

Need to go look up that four personalities of creation thing...

... time passes ...

Found it: A Kick in the Seat of the Pants: Using Your Explorer, Artist, Judge, and Warrior to Be More Creative by Roger von Oech

The idea is that you have four modes when making stuff:

• Explorer - Looking at everything, but not really making anything • Artist - The time when you're making the thing but not judging it • Judge - When you step back and look at it to evaluate it • Warrior - Putting in the reps to get the stuff completed

That's from memory. Need to look it up again and line that up, but that should be close to the descriptions. And, of course, sometimes you oscillate very quickly.

But, whatever, I'm in artist mode right now and doing the prior episodes would be a combination of Judge/Warrior

So, we're gonna record the first one in the house. I'm very curious to see how it goes compared to recording in the car. Because, in the car, I'm driving, so I've got something to keep the body busy while the mind wanders. I think it'll be fine though even as I sit still.

I'll keep you posted.