Green Screen Paint For The Stream

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According to <<link|this video|>>, the Home Depot Disney Collection "Gama Sector Green" works great as a chroma key paint. 

The video shows the code for the paint. I'm not sure which part matters so here's everything I see:

- STR #2009
- Base: GLN9013N
- {CF} (DC4B-50-5) DSN GAMMA
- CLRNT: OZ - 384th
- AXL: 2 - 216
- DL: 0 - 330
- KXL: 0 - 220

The other video that comes up frequently is <<link|this one|>>. I didn't find it helpful. The person goes through a bunch of technical examination of DIY vs Rosco green chroma key paint but doesn't actually show you a scene shot on them. At the end, they also say that the DIY is more expensive. Which seems, odd.

I'll be trying the DIY approach and will report back.