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Starting On React - Journal For August 8 2021

August 2021

At the house

didn't write yesterday, but I'm not worried about that.

I'm not trying to write every day.

Though, maybe I should post these. (Those two things aren't necessarily related)

First thing I need to do though is grab the coffee off the kureg

The more important thing about yesterday is that I started going through an egghead course on react. I'd done it before, or at least, the first half, but I don't remember it. Not really.

My brain is back on more and I can tell I'm better at remembering. Also, I'm taking notes. Figured out a nice way to do them in markdown. Instead of trying to use bullet lists, I use horizontal lines to separate the content. I'm also going to post it. And, since I'm doing that, I'm more detailed with the notes which helps put them in my head even more (and will make them more clear when I refer back to them)

Anyway, gonna go stream for a bit.

I want to post this one, but it takes so long to build the site.... Of course, it happens in the background, but it still spins up the fans... But, I'm getting better about doing the annoying thing. So, let's do it.

Cheers -a

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