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Morning Kickoff - Journal for August 9 2021

August 2021

At the house

looked at twitter a bit before getting to this. that's a little dangerous to getting to writing because sometimes I go down the internet worm hole and basically forget

actually, before I started with twitter, I started with this article that I had open from last night about a developer how had severe RSI issues and ended up putting together a solution for using his voice and eye tracking to write code. (just realized it's a little weird to say write when he was using his voice, guess it's more like dictate. )


Anyway, it's good to be writing and it's good to do it first thing. Something I'm going to do moving forward is closing all my tabs at night before I log off. That way, they won't be open and tempting when I first get up so they won't be a distraction from writing. Then, I'll just need to break the habit of checking twitter first.

Before getting to work today, I'm going to do a few of the videos from the Egghead React course I started a couple days ago. I didn't do any yesterday. I just kept getting into other things. So, to make sure I'm doing them, I'm going to do them first thing.

That'll be the pattern:

- get up - write - learn

and then I'll move on with the rest of my day.

There's power in that formula. I can feel it.


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