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The History Of Frameworks I've Used On My Site

The progression:

November 2021

I also played with CodeIgniter and CakePHP at some point, but I can't remember if I actually switched the site to them.

It would have been cool to have marked down the years when I made the various switches. I didn't keep track of that though.

The biggest thing for me now is the move to MDX for content. Reminds me of the original hand coding html days but on steroids. It feels like magic.

I've got no problem considering other frameworks. But, anything that doesn't handle MDX is a non-starter.

Update July 2023

Thing have changed a bit. I've built my own format and my own static site generator. My goal is to use them (in an ever evolving stats) from this point forward.

More details about that on the neopolitan page

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