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How To Setup A Command To Open Sublime Text From The Terminal On A Mac

I setup my Mac (running macOS 12.x) to launch Sublime Text from the command line by making a symbolic link like this :

ln -s "/Applications/Sublime Text.app/Contents/SharedSupport/bin/subl" "/usr/local/bin/st"

That lets me type [TODO: Code shorthand span ] to open Sublime Text. I can also do [TODO: Code shorthand span ] or [TODO: Code shorthand span ] to open files.

The approach from the official documentation is to update the PATH that gets used to look for command line tools to point to the [TODO: Code shorthand span ] directory. That sets up to use the binary named ` subl ` .

The reason I use the symbolic links is so I can use the command [TODO: Code shorthand span ] instead of [TODO: Code shorthand span ] since it's shorter and easier to type.