Notes On Putting Together An Intro To Scratch

Stuff to put in the intro:

- Intro - This one's short but important for showing you around. You can come back to it at any point if you forget where something is.

- I'll to through stuff twice. The first time, just watch. Follow along the second time if you're at a computer

- The menu on the left side is one long menu, the color buttons on the left just make it quicker to get to different sections but you can always scroll without having to click

- Getting to Scratch



Step 1: Review:

## Misc

- Make sure you turn off Dark Reader before recording - Make a separate video showing how to setup an account, but don't put it in front - First thing is to just click "Start Creating" then close the tutorial since we'll be doing it through the videos - Don't use the mouse or keyboard stuff to start with. Just use the programming stuff so the focus is on that - Make a version of the videos for folks that have issues with flashing lights - Make an arrow game where it shows an arrow and then you have to press the keys and it figures out how many you do in a minute and how many you get wrong

- There's no leaderboard or grades or scores. We're just playing with stuff and the best thing about that you can't fail here. Failing at playing is impossible. (There are folks who will try to tell you otherwise, but their wrong)

- Show what "right click" means on a mouse. point out that if someone has a track pad they'll need to figure out how to mimic the right click

- maybe set it up so that you only show a few different things and then let folks click on a button to generate a new random list - show