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Disable Message Of The Day (MOTD) When Opening A New Terminal Window On A Mac

May 2022

The default Message Of The Day (MOTD) that shows up when you open a new terminal session on a Mac is something like:

Last login: Thu May  5 16:38:32 on ttys001

I setup a random quote to show when I open a new session and wanted the MOTD to go away. That's done by making a file called .hushlogin in your home directory (i.e. `~/.hushlogin`)

You can do that with:

touch ~/.hushlogin

That method makes an empty file which does the job. You can also drop text in there to remind you what the file is for in the future. Mine looks like this:

The existance of this file prevents the 
MOTD from showing up each time a new
terminal session is started.
═══ § ═══