Ideas For Scratch Kitchen Projects

0, Doughnut Toss Game with high score 0, Doughnut Toss Game where only closest stays 0, Picture match game 0, Whack-A-Mole 0, Darts where there's variables for how close you get that you have to click on 0, Pool 0, Fireworks 0, Color mixer 0, Code breaker 0, Hangman 0, Count down timer 0, Stopwatch 0, Battleship 0, Fill the screen in random places with sprites 0, Guess the number game 0, Light switches to turn lights on and off 0, Rubegoldberg machines 0, Racing game 0, Arrow game where it shows you an arrow and you have to hit the key to match it that counts how many you get right and wrong in a certain time 0, Sort things by color (if you can get the colors from them?) 0, Show the phases of the moon 0, Magic 8-ball 0, Virtual Drum machine 0, Different style clock displays 0, Blinkenlights 0, Pokemon Card Collection 0, Red Light/Green Light game for one or two players 0, Speak and Spell type thing 0, Digital Fireplace 0, Tic-Tac-Toe game 0, Stats graphing 0, Konami code secret password 0, Coin flip page 0, Virtual model train 0, Random name generator 0, Rot13 encoding 0, Digital fishtank 0, Click on letters to type them out to make messages with random colors 0, Mastermind style game 0, Calendar that puts an X over days that have occurred 0, Birthday count down 0, Place sprites in order by name 0, Make multiple sprits to combine them into one that you can move independently 0, Random number generator 0, Sudoku game, but with sprites 0, Some type of Jenga style game 0, 3D looking stuff from 2D 0, Spirograph style stuff 0, Show the numbers for letters when you type 0, Make a game where you have a board of one sprite in a single pose except for one copy in an alternate pose and the goal is to see how quickly you can find it 0, Bubblewrap 0, Tetris style game 0, Snake style game 0, Convert text to morris code 0, Make a spot the differences game with custom sprites where folks make minor differences to see if other folks can find them 0, Make a 7 segment display clock 0, Count down timer to launch a rocket ship 0, Spirograph type thing where you put in numbers and it makes patterns 0, Make a jigsaw puzzle 0, See if you can do gears 0, Build a Settlers of Catan style game 0, Mastermind style game 0, Number of days left in a year 0, Number of days until your birthday 0, Hampster Dance 0, Make a random joke page 0, Build an Is It Friday project 0, Spelling game where it says a word and you have to see if you can spell it right 0, A tool to help pratcice scales by setting a metronome for scales and playing the notes 0, Make a Mr/Mrs. Potatoe head game 0, A tower defense game 0, Make a soundboard 0, Make a number guessing game that puts a bunch of random balls on the screen and you guess how many 0, Hangman