My Basic Emacs Setup Process

There are notes on what I did to setup emacs via spacemacs on my mac (lots of macs there)

Installed emacs with:

then ran this to get Spacemacs config stuff in place


Setup to use 'vim' style in the initial setup (I don't remember the text of it)

Edit ~/.spacemacs

Added all this to `dotspacemacs-configuration-layers`

- org - for org mode - python - for python to work in org mode via babble - javascript - for javascript to work in org mode via babble

Tried `osx` to get the option key to work as the meta key but it didn't work.

Instead, I used this in iTerm2

Preferences < Profiles < Keys < Left Option Key

And set it to: `Esc+`

(Did `Esc+` instead of `Meta` based on the emacs wiki

To get javascript code blocks working in code blocks use `js` instead of `javascript`


#_+begin_src js :results output ```

Added `afternoon` as the first item under `dotspacemacs-themes` to use that theme

(This did not require adding the Themes Megabuck layer

Considering: changing these from `SPC` to `,` to set the leader to the comma:

Added deft for nvalt style stuff (hopefully) by adding


NOTE: I've removed deft, going with helm for getting the grimoire lined up.



NOTE: I removed deft so this is no longer in play. I'm using helm directly now

The `(require 'org-tempo)` was what got it working so you can type `

Tried removing `helm` and added `compleseus` to `dotspacemacs-configuration-layers`, but switched back to helm

This is what I had in the `define dotspacemacs/user-config` section

This is a goal to get a dynamic completion setup for `comlpeting-read` in the mini buffer to use for the grimoire (with the dynamic update it doesn't seem like there's a way to use an external search)

That didn't work and I got helm to work so I remove selectrum.

Note: installed `brew install ripgrep` to see about using `rg` with:

Not actually doing that, but keeping it here as a note for the process



This lets literate programming with with:

There is a problem with `~/.emacs.d/.cache/savehist` getting huge.

Ater messing around with a bunch of big files it grew to 500+MB. That was causing Emacs/Spacemacs to hang repeatedly for several seconds.

Deleteing that files seems to have fixed things, but I still need to figure out how to set it so that it doesn't become a problem.

installed ipython via `pip3 install ipython`

tried to do that to get outptu moving faster in the emacs terminal window, but it didn't work. just doing stuff in org mode source blocks for now