Spacemacs (Emacs) Fonts And Faces Notes

** View Details Of The Current Letter

The way to see details of the character under the current point is to use `what-cursor-position` with the universtal prefix argument.

On Spacemacs the command is:

You can also use `helm-M-x` which is the default `M-x` for me, but also mapped to `SPC SPC`. Using it, you can add the universal argument towards the end of the command like:

And you don't have to type all of `what-cursor-position` just enough so that it's the first highlight in the helm list. Just make sure to hit `C-u` before hitting RET (return)

In default Emacs, the universal argument is set with `C-u` instead of `SPC u`, but Spacemacs rebinds it so it can use `C-u` as scroll up like Vim does.

So, if you're using an Emacs setup that doesn't rebind the key, the command is:

** Viewing Font Faces

I'm setup to use helm. To see all the font faces and what they look like use:

When the list comes up, you can select a face and hit RET to view the settings for it and then select the `customize this face` link to change it.

** Changing Font Faces

For some reason in my setup I can't remove a property (e.g. Foreground or Background color) from a face. It won't save. I have to replace it to get it to stay.