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Neopolitan: Implicit Inline Tags

January 2024

These are old notes from a prior version. They are no longer accurate

There are two styles of inline content tags. Implicit ones that use a single character three times to act as a separator like:

Tango Foxtrot

And, explit ones that open can close with pairs of less than and greater than symbols:

< >

Implicit Tags

The first two separator characters of an implict tags denote the content itself. Any optional content in between the second and third separator character is used as an attribute array separated with pipe PIPE_HERE characters.

For example, the ASTRIX_HERE is used for strong text. So, a basic use looks like this:

*Tango Foxtrot**

A single attribute can be added like this:

*Tango Foxtrot*class: delta*

The reference output from that string is:

<strong class="delta">Tango Foxtrot</strong>
Additional attributes are separated via the
``\|`` pipe. For example:
*Tango Foxtrot*class: deltaPIPE_HEREhidden*


<strong class="delta" hidden>Tango Foxtrot</strong>

Tag List

The full list of the implict tags is:

TODO: Update this with the most recent

The Link Tag

As an example of the specific implementaiton details, I use the first attribute passed into a >link tag>\> as the URL for the href. The tag doesn't do a lot without that though it could be used to drop and empty anchor.

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