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First Scan In A Long Time

R.E.M. came up in the headphones yesterday. It got me thinking about an image I shot of Michael Stipe during a show in the 90s. I know I have a scan of it on a hard drive somewhere. I just have no current idea of where that is. Figured I'd pull out the scanner and make a new copy.

Finding that image will take some time. I've got the scanner working though. It's an old Nikon Coolscan V ED. I'm using VueScan for the software. What's nice about that is I bought an unlimited upgrades license in 2012.

Sure enough, they honored the license. I installed it and fired right up. After flipping through a couple pages of negs this image popped out as a decent one to use for a first test. It's probably from the late 80s or early 90s.

January 2024

It's a little wild to see an image from so much earlier in my photographic journey. It's kinda cool though.

The scan looks pretty solid. The scanner is slow though. If I'm going to do this, I'll probably get a newer one (assuming those do faster). I'm looking at one of the Epson ones that does medium format negs too.

Maybe this will get me back into shooting a little too.

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