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My 2024 Mastodon Introduction

Introduction To The Introduction

I did a #Introduction post on Mastodon when I first started. Figured it was time for a refresh and what better time than the start of a new year.

Posting here so I've got a copy of it on my server as well.

The Introduction

What if we all do a new #Introduction for 2024?

Here, I'll start :

Hi! I'm Alan!

I'm on a year long sabbatical. At least, that's what I'm calling it. Let's ignore the fact that year two is well under way. I worked at the PGA TOUR for 22 years before the adventure started. Initially the tech lead for the web site. Then, building the analytics department.

Lately, I've been dancing with the muse. Kicking around projects and ideas. Mostly programming related, including writing my own file format to replace markdown/mdx. Even learned some #rust and built a static site generator to go with it. Hell of a lot of fun and a great learning experience even with the whole tilting at a windmill vibe.

I used to be a photographer, but haven't really shot in years. It's still in my blood though. Only a matter of time.

I also used to be a sax player in a bar band. Haven't touched the horn in forever, but I'm still hugely into #music. In fact, my current project is working on a non - AI robot DJ to give me better song recommendations. I'll keep you posted on that.

Other than that, I spend a lot of time working on my website. I hope it helps add to the critical mass of folks doing the same so we can take back the web.