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Harvard Sentences As JSON

"The birch canoe slid on the smooth planks.",
"Glue the sheet to the dark blue background.",
"It's easy to tell the depth of a well.",
"These days a chicken leg is a rare dish.",
"Rice is often served in round bowls.",
"The juice of lemons makes fine punch.",
"The box was thrown beside the parked truck.",
"The hogs were fed chopped corn and garbage.",
"Four hours of steady work faced us.",
"The boy was there when the sun rose.",
"A rod is used to catch pink salmon.",
"The source of the huge river is the clear spring.",
"Kick the ball straight and follow through.",
"A pot of tea helps to pass the evening.",
"Smoky fires lack flame and heat.",
"The soft cushion broke the man's fall.",
"The salt breeze came across from the sea.",
"The small pup gnawed a hole in the sock.",
"The fish twisted and turned on the bent hook.",
"Press the pants and sew a button on the vest.",
"The swan dive was far short of perfect.",
"The beauty of the view stunned the young boy.",
"Two blue fish swam in the tank.",
"The colt reared and threw the tall rider.",
"It snowed, rained, and hailed the same morning.",
"Read verse out loud for pleasure.",
"Hoist the load to your left shoulder.",
"Take the winding path to reach the lake.",
"Note closely the size of the gas tank.",
"Wipe the grease off his dirty face.",
"Mend the coat before you go out.",
"The meal was cooked before the bell rang.",
"A king ruled the state in the early days.",
"The wide road shimmered in the hot sun.",
"The lazy cow lay in the cool grass.",
"Lift the square stone over the fence.",
"The rope will bind the seven books at once.",
"Hop over the fence and plunge in.",
"Mesh wire keeps chicks inside.",
"The frosty air passed through the coat.",
"The show was a flop from the very start.",
"A saw is a tool used for making boards.",
"The wagon moved on well oiled wheels.",
"A cup of sugar makes sweet fudge.",
"Place a rosebush near the porch steps.",
"We talked of the slide show in the circus.",
"Use a pencil to write the first draft.",
"He ran half way to the hardware store.",
"The clock struck to mark the third period.",
"A small creek cut across the field.",
"Cars and busses stalled in snow drifts.",
"This is a grand season for hikes on the road.",
"The dune rose from the edge of the water.",
"Those words were the cue for the actor to leave.",
"A yacht slid around the point into the bay.",
"The two met while playing on the sand.",
"The ink stain dried on the finished page.",
"The walled town was seized without a fight.",
"A tame squirrel makes a nice pet.",
"The pearl was worn in a thin silver ring.",
"The fruit peel was cut in thick slices.",
"There are more than two factors here.",
"The hat brim was wide and too droopy.",
"The grass curled around the fence post.",
"Cut the pie into large parts.",
"Always close the barn door tight.",
"He lay prone and hardly moved a limb.",
"The slush lay deep along the street.",
"A wisp of cloud hung in the blue air.",
"A pound of sugar costs more than eggs.",
"The fin was sharp and cut the clear water.",
"The term ended in late June that year.",
"Ten pins were set in order.",
"Oak is strong and also gives shade.",
"The pipe began to rust while new.",
"Open the crate but don't break the glass.",
"Add the sum to the product of these three.",
"The ripe taste of cheese improves with age.",
"Act on these orders with great speed.",
"The hog crawled under the high fence.",
"Move the vat over the hot fire.",
"The bark of the pine tree was shiny and dark.",
"Leaves turn brown and yellow in the fall.",
"The pennant waved when the wind blew.",
"Split the log with a quick, sharp blow.",
"Burn peat after the logs give out.",
"He ordered peach pie with ice cream.",
"Weave the carpet on the right hand side.",
"We find joy in the simplest things.",
"Type out three lists of orders.",
"The cup cracked and spilled its contents.",
"Paste can cleanse the most dirty brass.",
"The slang word for raw whiskey is booze.",
"The wharf could be seen at the farther shore.",
"Feel the heat of the weak dying flame.",
"Pluck the bright rose without leaves.",
"Two plus seven is less than ten.",
"Write a fond note to the friend you cherish.",
"Port is a strong wine with s smoky taste.",
"The young kid jumped the rusty gate.",
"Guess the results from the first scores.",
"These thistles bend in a high wind.",
"The tree top waved in a graceful way.",
"The spot on the blotter was made by green ink.",
"Mud was spattered on the front of his white shirt.",
"The cigar burned a hole in the desk top.",
"The empty flask stood on the tin tray.",
"He broke a new shoelace that day.",
"The coffee stand is too high for the couch.",
"The urge to write short stories is rare.",
"The pencils have all been used.",
"She sewed the torn coat quite neatly.",
"The sofa cushion is red and of light weight.",
"The jacket hung on the back of the wide chair.",
"At that high level the air is pure.",
"Drop the two when you add the figures.",
"The office paint was a dull sad tan.",
"A rag will soak up spilled water.",
"A shower of dirt fell from the hot pipes.",
"Steam hissed from the broken valve.",
"There was a sound of dry leaves outside.",
"The sky that morning was clear and bright blue.",
"Torn scraps littered the stone floor.",
"The doctor cured him with these pills.",
"Acid burns holes in wool cloth.",
"Fairy tales should be fun to write.",
"Add the column and put the sum here.",
"We admire and love a good cook.",
"She carved a head from the round block of marble.",
"The fruit of a fig tree is apple-shaped.",
"Corn cobs can be used to kindle a fire.",
"Where were they when the noise started.",
"The paper box is full of thumb tacks.",
"The tongs lay beside the ice pail.",
"The petals fall with the next puff of wind.",
"Bring your best compass to the third class.",
"Farmers came in to thresh the oat crop.",
"The lure is used to catch trout and flounder.",
"Float the soap on top of the bath water.",
"A blue crane is a tall wading bird.",
"A fresh start will work such wonders.",
"The club rented the rink for the fifth night.",
"After the dance they went straight home.",
"He wrote his last novel there at the inn.",
"The cement had dried when he moved it.",
"Lire wires should be kept covered.",
"It is hard to erase blue or red ink.",
"Write at once or you may forget it.",
"The doorknob was made of bright clean brass.",
"The wreck occurred by the bank on Main Street.",
"A pencil with black lead writes best.",
"Coax a young calf to drink from a bucket.",
"They took the axe and the saw to the forest.",
"The ancient coin was quite dull and worn.",
"The shaky barn fell with a loud crash.",
"Jazz and swing fans like fast music.",
"Rake the rubbish up and then burn it.",
"Slash the gold cloth into fine ribbons.",
"The map had an X that meant nothing.",
"Some ads serve to cheat buyers.",
"Jerk the rope and the bell rings weakly.",
"A waxed floor makes us lose balance.",
"On the islands the sea breeze is soft and mild.",
"The play began as soon as we sat down.",
"Add salt before you fry the egg.",
"The birch looked stark white and lonesome.",
"The first worm gets snapped early.",
"Jump the fence and hurry up the bank.",
"Yell and clap as the curtain slides back.",
"They are people who walk the middle of the road.",
"Both brothers wear the same size.",
"In some form or other we need fun.",
"The houses are built of red clay bricks.",
"Ducks fly north but lack a compass.",
"Fruit flavors are used in fizz drinks.",
"These pills do less good than others.",
"Canned pears lack full flavor.",
"The dark pot hung in the front closet.",
"Carry the pail to the wall and spill it there.",
"The train brought our hero to the big town.",
"Gray paint stretched for miles around.",
"The rude laugh filled the empty room.",
"High seats are best for football fans.",
"Tea served from the brown jug is tasty.",
"A zestful food is the hot-cross bun.",
"The horse trotted around the field at a brisk pace.",
"Find the twin who stole the pearl necklace.",
"Cut the cord that binds the box tightly.",
"Look in the corner to find the tan shirt.",
"Nine people were hired to dig the ruins.",
"The junk yard had a mouldy smell.",
"The flint sputtered and lit a pine torch.",
"Soak the cloth and drown the sharp odor.",
"The shelves were bare of both jam or crackers.",
"All sat frozen and watched the screen.",
"To reach the end they need much courage.",
"Shape the clay gently into block form.",
"The ridge on a smooth surface is a bump or flaw.",
"Hedge apples may stain your hands green.",
"Quench your thirst, then eat the crackers.",
"Tight curls get limp on rainy days.",
"The mute muffled the high tones of the horn.",
"The gold ring fits only a pierced ear.",
"The old pan was covered with hard fudge.",
"Watch the log float in the wide river.",
"The node on the stalk of wheat grew daily.",
"The barrel of beer was a brew of malt and hops.",
"Slide the box into that empty space.",
"The plant grew large and green in the window.",
"The tube was blown and the tire flat and useless.",
"It is late morning on the old wall clock.",
"The last switch cannot be turned off.",
"The store walls were lined with colored frocks.",
"The peace league met to discuss their plans.",
"The rise to fame of a person takes luck.",
"The nozzle of the fire hose was bright brass.",
"Screw the round cap on as tight as needed.",
"Time brings us many changes.",
"The purple tie was ten years old.",
"Fill the ink jar with sticky glue.",
"We need grain to keep our mules healthy.",
"Pack the records in a neat thin case.",
"The crunch of feet in the snow was the only sound.",
"The copper bowl shone in the sun's rays.",
"Boards will warp unless kept dry.",
"The plush chair leaned against the wall.",
"Glass will clink when struck by metal.",
"Bathe and relax in the cool green grass.",
"The beach is dry and shallow at low tide.",
"The idea is to sew both edges straight.",
"Pages bound in cloth make a book.",
"Try to trace the fine lines of the painting.",
"A gem in the rough needs work to polish.",
"Code is used when secrets are sent.",
"He used the lathe to make brass objects.",
"The vane on top of the pole revolved in the wind.",
"Let it burn, it gives us warmth and comfort.",
"Tack the strip of carpet to the worn floor.",
"Pour the stew from the pot into the plate.",
"Each penny shone like new.",
"They went to the woods to gather sticks.",
"The dirt piles were lines along the road.",
"The logs fell and tumbled into the clear stream.",
"Just hoist it up and take it away,",
"A ripe plum is fit for a king's palate.",
"Our plans right now are hazy.",
"Feed the white mouse some flower seeds.",
"The thaw came early and freed the stream.",
"He took the lead and kept it the whole distance.",
"The key you designed will fit the lock.",
"Plead to the council to free the poor thief.",
"Better hash is made of rare beef.",
"This plank was made for walking on.",
"The lake sparkled in the red hot sun.",
"He crawled with care along the ledge.",
"Tend the sheep while the dog wanders.",
"It takes a lot of help to finish these.",
"Mark the spot with a sign painted red.",
"The fur of cats goes by many names.",
"North winds bring colds and fevers.",
"Go now and come here later.",
"Soap can wash most dirt away.",
"That move means the game is over.",
"He wrote down a long list of items.",
"A siege will crack the strong defense.",
"Roads are paved with sticky tar.",
"The drip of the rain made a pleasant sound.",
"Much of the story makes good sense.",
"The sun came up to light the eastern sky.",
"Heave the line over the port side.",
"A lathe cuts and trims any wood.",
"It's a dense crowd in two distinct ways.",
"The stale smell of old beer lingers.",
"The desk was firm on the shaky floor.",
"Raise the sail and steer the ship northward.",
"A pod is what peas always grow in.",
"Jerk the dart from the cork target.",
"No cement will hold hard wood.",
"The list of names is carved around the base.",
"The sheep were led home by a dog.",
"Once we stood beside the shore.",
"A chink in the wall allowed a draft to blow.",
"Fasten two pins on each side.",
"A cold dip restores health and zest.",
"The sand drifts over the sill of the old house.",
"The point of the steel pen was bent and twisted.",
"There is a lag between thought and act.",
"Seed is needed to plant the spring corn.",
"Draw the chart with heavy black lines.",
"Hats are worn to tea and not to dinner.",
"The ramp led up to the wide highway.",
"Beat the dust from the rug onto the lawn.",
"Say it slowly but make it ring clear.",
"The straw nest housed five robins.",
"Screen the porch with woven straw mats.",
"The dry wax protects the deep scratch.",
"The nag pulled the frail cart along.",
"Twist the valve and release hot steam.",
"The vamp of the shoe had a gold buckle.",
"The marsh will freeze when cold enough.",
"They slice the sausage thin with a knife.",
"The bloom of the rose lasts a few days.",
"A gray mare walked before the colt.",
"Breakfast buns are fine with a hot drink.",
"Bottles hold four kinds of rum.",
"The man wore a feather in his felt hat.",
"She wheeled the bike past the winding road.",
"Drop the ashes on the worn old rug.",
"The desk and both chairs were painted tan.",
"Throw out the used paper cup and plate.",
"A clean neck means a neat collar.",
"The couch cover and hall drapes were blue.",
"The stems of the tall glasses cracked and broke.",
"The wall phone rang loud and often.",
"The clothes dried on a thin wooden rack.",
"Turn on the lantern which gives us light.",
"The cleat sank deeply into the soft turf.",
"The price is fair for a good antique clock.",
"The music played on while they talked.",
"Dispense with a vest on a day like this.",
"The bunch of grapes was pressed into wine.",
"He sent the figs, but kept the ripe cherries.",
"The hinge on the door creaked with old age.",
"The screen before the fire kept in the sparks.",
"Fly by night, and you waste little time.",
"Thick glasses helped him read the print.",
"The chair looked strong but had no bottom.",
"The kite flew wildly in the high wind.",
"A fur muff is stylish once more.",
"The tin box held priceless stones.",
"The case was puzzling to the old and wise.",
"Five years he lived with a shaggy dog.",
"A fence cuts through the corner lot.",
"Shut the hatch before the waves push it in.",
"Crack the walnut with your sharp side teeth.",
"Send the stuff in a thick paper bag.",
"The three story house was built of stone.",
"In the rear of the ground floor was a large passage.",
"A man in a blue sweater sat at the desk.",
"Oats are a food eaten by horse and man.",
"Their eyelids droop for want of sleep.",
"The sip of tea revives his tired friend.",
"There are many ways to do these things.",
"Tuck the sheet under the edge of the mat.",
"A force equal to that would move the earth.",
"We like to see clear weather.",
"The work of the tailor is seen on each side.",
"Shake the dust from your shoes, stranger.",
"The dusty bench stood by the stone wall.",
"The square wooden crate was packed to be shipped.",
"We dress to suit the weather of most days.",
"The water in this well is a source of good health.",
"Take shelter in this tent, but keep still.",
"The door was barred, locked, and bolted as well.",
"Ripe pears are fit for a queen's table.",
"The kite dipped and swayed, but stayed aloft.",
"The beetle droned in the hot June sun.",
"Press the pedal with your left foot.",
"The black trunk fell from the landing.",
"The theft of the pearl pin was kept secret.",
"The vast space stretched into the far distance.",
"Hurdle the pit with the aid of a long pole.",
"Even a just cause needs power to win.",
"The leaf drifts along with a slow spin.",
"A thick coat of black paint covered all.",
"The pencil was cut to be sharp at both ends.",
"He wrote his name boldly at the top of tile sheet.",
"Dill pickles are sour but taste fine.",
"Down that road is the way to the grain farmer.",
"Either mud or dust are found at all times.",
"The best method is to fix it in place with clips.",
"If you mumble your speech will be lost.",
"The small red neon lamp went out.",
"The fan whirled its round blades softly.",
"The line where the edges join was clean.",
"Breathe deep and smell the piny air.",
"A brown leather bag hung from its strap.",
"A toad and a frog are hard to tell apart.",
"A white silk jacket goes with any shoes.",
"A break in the dam almost caused a flood.",
"Paint the sockets in the wall dull green.",
"The hilt of the sword was carved with fine designs.",
"A round hole was drilled through the thin board.",
"Footprints showed the path he took up the beach.",
"A vent near the edge brought in fresh air.",
"It is a band of steel three inches wide.",
"The pipe ran almost the length of the ditch.",
"It was hidden from sight by a mass of leaves and shrubs.",
"The weight of the package was seen on the high scale.",
"Wake and rise, and step into the green outdoors.",
"The brass tube circled the high wall.",
"Hold the hammer near the end to drive the nail.",
"Drive the screw straight into the wood.",
"Keep the hatch tight and the watch constant.",
"Sever the twine with a quick snip of the knife.",
"Paper will dry out when wet.",
"Slide the catch back and open the desk.",
"Help the weak to preserve their strength.",
"Slide the tray across the glass top.",
"The cloud moved in a stately way and was gone.",
"Light maple makes for a swell room.",
"Set the piece here and say nothing.",
"A stiff cord will do to fasten your shoe.",
"He lent his coat to the tall gaunt stranger.",
"A thin stripe runs down the middle.",
"Lush fern grow on the lofty rocks.",
"The ram scared the school children off.",
"A steep trail is painful for our feet.",
"Green moss grows on the northern side.",
"Pitch the straw through the door of the stable.",
"The latch on the beck gate needed a nail.",
"The goose was brought straight from the old market.",
"The sink is the thing in which we pile dishes.",
"A whiff of it will cure the most stubborn cold.",
"She flaps her cape as she parades the street.",
"Loop the braid to the left and then over.",
"Calves thrive on tender spring grass.",
"Post no bills on this office wall.",
"Tear a thin sheet from the yellow pad.",
"A streak of color ran down the left edge.",
"It was done before they could see it.",
"Crouch before you jump or miss the mark.",
"Pack the kits and don’t forget the salt.",
"The square peg will settle in the round hole.",
"Fine soap saves tender skin.",
"Poached eggs and tea must suffice.",
"Bad nerves are jangled by a door slam.",
"Ship maps are different from those for planes.",
"They sang the same tunes at each party.",
"The sky in the west is tinged with orange red.",
"The horse balked and threw the tall rider.",
"The hitch between the horse and cart broke.",
"Pile the coal high in the shed corner.",
"The gold vase is both rare and costly.",
"The roof should be tilted at a sharp slant.",
"The mule trod the treadmill day and night.",
"There is a fine hard tang in salty air.",
"The slab was hewn from heavy blocks of slate.",
"Dunk the stale biscuits into strong drink.",
"Hang tinsel from both branches.",
"Cap the jar with a tight brass cover.",
"Be sure to set the lamp firmly in the hole.",
"Pick a card and slip it under the pack.",
"A round mat will cover the dull spot.",
"The first part of the plan needs changing.",
"You cannot brew tea in a cold pot.",
"Put the chart on the mantel and tack it down.",
"The red paper brightened the dim stage.",
"No doubt about the way the wind blows.",
"Dig deep in the earth for pirate's gold.",
"A flat pack takes less luggage space.",
"A stuffed chair slipped from the moving van.",
"The stitch will serve but needs to be shortened.",
"A thin book fits in the side pocket.",
"The hail pattered on the burnt brown grass.",
"Take the match and strike it against your shoe.",
"The pot boiled, but the contents failed to jell.",
"The streets are narrow and full of sharp turns.",
"Open your book to the first page.",
"Dip the pail once and let it settle.",
"The big red apple fell to the ground.",
"The curtain rose and the show was on.",
"Leave now and you will arrive on time.",
"The long journey home took a year.",
"She saw a cat in the neighbor's house.",
"A pink shell was found on the sandy beach.",
"The grass and bushes were wet with dew.",
"When you hear the bell, come quickly."