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CAn I Write A Blog Post

August 2022

This is a test. A what? A test.

This is a test. A what? A test!

This is just copying an org-mode file into MDX so that I can publish it on the site.

You see, a while ago I moved to https://orgmode.org/ ] [ org-mode from MDX and I love it. It's interesting in general, but the killer feature for me is that I can put snippets of code directly in the files and then run them and the output will show up in a results area.

Take this python snippet, for example:

names = ['Aasha', 'Bader', 'Hana']
  for name in names:
      print(f"Hello, {name}")
Hello, Aasha
  Hello, Bader
  Hello, Hana

You can't tell from reading the post, but that output happened automatically in emacs (which is the text editor that supports org-mode)

The problem is the software I use to publish my site is setup for https://mdxjs.com/ ] [ MDX and there's not an org-mode parser. So, I have to write my own. That's going to take work and it's not work I'm willing to put cycles into right now.

So, I haven't be publishing. I've been writing some, but less because I can't publish.

** Do It Live

Instead of building the full publishing system, I'm going to go manual. I'm writing this in org-mode. When I'm done, I'll make a markdown version by hand and publish that.

It's more friction than I'd like, but it's way less than rebuilding the publishing engine.

And, now that I'm doing it, I'm finding it's not that big a deal. And, more importantly, it gets something out the door.

So, this is a test.

If you're seeing this. It worked.


- Find the 'This is a test' play that you saw in high school and link a video here.

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