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Write Logs To A File And STDOUT At The Same Time In Rust

April 2024

For most projects I send log messages to the command line or to a files. Sometimes, I want both. This is how I'm doing that in Rust with the tracing crate.

tracing = "0.1.40"
tracing-appender = "0.2"
tracing-subscriber = { version = "0.3", features = ["json"] }

use tracing::{Level, event, instrument};
use tracing_subscriber::prelude::*;
use tracing_subscriber::{fmt, filter};

fn main() {
  let log_dir = "./";
  let log_basename = "example-log.log";

  let file_appender = tracing_appender::rolling::never(log_dir, log_basename);
  let (file_writer, _guard) = tracing_appender::non_blocking(file_appender);
  let file_layer_format = tracing_subscriber::fmt::format()
  let file_layer = fmt::Layer::default()

  let stdout_layer = fmt::Layer::default()

  let subscriber = tracing_subscriber::Registry::default()

  tracing::subscriber::set_global_default(subscriber).expect("unable to set global subscriber");


fn do_something() {
  event!(Level::ERROR, "Error message");
  event!(Level::WARN, "Warn message");
  event!(Level::INFO, "Info message");
  event!(Level::DEBUG, "Debug message");
  event!(Level::TRACE, "Trace message");
2024-04-23T14:58:51.966020Z ERROR do_something: _active_nvim_run: Error message
2024-04-23T14:58:51.966056Z  WARN do_something: _active_nvim_run: Warn message
2024-04-23T14:58:51.966078Z  INFO do_something: _active_nvim_run: Info message


  • I didn't realize at first that the tracing create is mainly a foundation that other things are built off of. In this case, the file and STDOUT comes from a combination of tracing::subscriber and tracing::appender

  • I'm using tracing_appender::rolling::never() in this example. It always writes to the same file ("example-log.log" in this case). There are also ::daily(), ::hourly(), and ::minutely() versions that append strings with intervals to the filenames to create a rotation mechanism

  • The .with_ansi(false) calls turn off extra characters in the output that enable colors on the terminal. I find it useful to skip that for the STDOUT output in prod, but it shows up weird in this web output so I've got it set to false

  • There are five levels available. In order, they are: ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE

  • All five layres are output by default

  • The .with_filter(filter::LevelFilter::INFO) call on the STDOUT layer limits that output to just INFO and above. That is, ERROR, WARN, and INFO messages all appear, but DEBUG and TRACE messages do not

  • Being able to set different log levels a big reason why I set this up instead of just running a tail -f on the log file itself

  • In some of my reading it sounds like you can set up the subscriber in a function outside of main, but if you do you need to make sure to keep the _guard in scope. If it goes out of scope, nothing else will be written to the file

  • I'm also using `.json()rust to make JSON formatted logs. That's not strictly necessary, but I find them way more useful

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