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Create JSON Log Files In Rust With tracing

April 2024

This is what I'm using for my default logs to produce JSON output in Rust apps.

tracing = "0.1"
tracing-subscriber = { version = "0.3", features = ["json"] }
use tracing::{Level, event, instrument};

fn main() {
    let format = tracing_subscriber::fmt::format()
  event!(Level::INFO, "This is the log message");
  event!(Level::DEBUG, "This is a debug message");
{"timestamp":"2024-04-23T14:42:04.834323Z","level":"INFO","fields":{"message":"This is the log message"},"target":"_active_nvim_run"}
{"timestamp":"2024-04-23T14:42:04.834498Z","level":"DEBUG","fields":{"message":"This is a debug message"},"target":"_active_nvim_run"}


  • The biggest thing to note is that in order to use the `.json()rust call, you have to add the "feature" in Cargo.toml

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