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Toggle Word Wrap In Emacs

October 2022

TL;DR -- p To toggle word wrap for a file buffer, I use: -- p #+begin_example Option + w #+end_example -- p That's keybind is setup by adding this into a config file that gets parsed by my Spacemacs install. -- p #+FILENAME: toggle-word-wrap.el #+begin_src elisp :results silent :tangle ~/workshop/dotfiles.alanwsmith.com/dotfiles/emacs/tangled-files/toggle-word-wrap.el (global-unset-key (kbd "M-w")) (global-set-key (kbd "M-w") 'visual-line-mode) #+end_src -- p Notes

There's a toggle-word-wrap command as well, but that doesn't do what I expect. It takes running visual-line-mode (which acts as a toggle) to set the various things up that do what I expect.

Before I setup the hotkey above, I don't think there was a keybind for `visual-line-mode`. So, I'd run it with:

#+begin_example M-x visual-line-mode #+end_example

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