Fix For OBS Virtual Camera Not Working In Discord On A Mac

The terminal commands listed on this page use `sudo``. That's the top administrator level that has ultimate control over a mac. It's dangerous to run a `sudo`` command you find on the internet unless you know exactly what it'll do. This terminal command uses `codesign``. You can find out more about it here before running it.

Discord's auto-updates tend to break the ability to use the OBS virtual camera. This post offers two ways to fix the issue. The first is by running these two commands from the Terminal app:

The second way is to create a script that's detailed in the "Double Click Script Fix" section below


The OBS Virtual Camera often doesn't show up as one of the options in my Discord camera list. The problem usually occurs after an auto-update. It has to do with some of the security certificate signing that's required by apple. It's possible to fix this by removing the existing signature and re-signing with a new one.

Running the two commands in the TL;DR section do just that.

Double-Click Script Fix

Running the commands in the Terminal isn't that bad, but it's a little nicer to have something to double-click on. You can do that by saving this script to a file and setting it up so that it opens with the terminal when you double click on it.