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Add Post Open File Hooks To Neovim Telescope

March 2023

I switched to using Neovim for my Grimoire with the help of the Telescope plugin. I wrote a custom Telescope extension that calls out to Meilisearch and provides some extra filtering to help prevent doxing myself on stream.

One feature I'm still working on is the history file that shows a revers chronological list of the files I open from the Grimoire.

I think I've got an approach which involves hacking into the Telescope plugin source code directly. There's a file in the plugin at:


To variables that get defined with functions in there are:


I put a marker in each of them with the notify plug in. They both fire every time I open a file from Telescope. That's a good start, but I need them to only fire when I open a file in the Grimoire to avoid the history file filling up with everything I open.

That's the next thing to look into

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