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Get Some Random Characters From A UUID

April 2023

I'm not sure why I did this originally. I think it's becuase I wanted random numbers and letters. I've since [TODO: make ilinks work].

Also, this breaks if you ask for too many characters (see notes). The new code on the other page doesn't have that problem.

uuid = { version = "1.7.0", features = ["v4"] }

use uuid::Uuid;

fn main() {
    // must be less than 32. See notes
    let the_string = random_string(32);
    println!("{}", the_string);

fn random_string(count: u8) -> String {
    let base = Uuid::new_v4().simple().to_string();
  • This is not guaranteed to be unique, it's just a way to get a few random characters.

  • As noted in the code, trying to get more than 32 characters will crash. Making a version that returns an option can address that if you need it

  • This returns a string with numbers and random lower case letters

  • It's generated off a UUID, but there's no dashes in it

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