Add Jinja Syntax Highlighting To Neovim

I'm using the Minijinja^mj^^ Rust crate to make the templates for Neopolitan^neo^^. It's a solid format but it's a bit hard to look at. Especially without syntax highlighting which doesn't appear to be available by default in Neovim^g:nvim^^.

I tried a plugin^plug^^ to add the highlights but caused a bunch of errors every time I started up.

This is the process I ended up going with:

That got syntax highlighting working for me. It doesn't do automatic indention. That would be nice but if I had to choose one or the other I'd choose syntax highlighting over the indention.

I've forked the other repo so can take a look at it as well.



    "a powerful template engine for Rust with minimal dependencies"


    My plain-text format for websites


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    Jinja for Vim

    This is the plugin I tried that kinda worked but threw a bunch of errors.