Show What Keys Neovim Thinks You Pressed

Use Ctrlv in Insert mode to see the Neovim code for the next key or key combo you press


I use a moonlander keyboard. One reason I got it is the "layers" feature that lets me setup keys with additional functionality. For example, if I hold down the Enter and press g the keyboard sends Option + Shift + g instead. I have Neovim configured to open my Grimoire when it receives that combo.

My keyboard mappings are kind of all over the place. I can always go look at the configuration to find out what a particular key does on a specific layer. That's not necessary, though. Neovim has a built in feature that displays what's pressed. It looks like this:

The Steps

The Output

When I hit Enter + g (and the keyboard sends Option + Shift + g), Neovim displays:



Some things to note about that:

  • Internally, Neovim doesn't use Mac's Option keys. It uses a Meta key signal instead. I have my terminal setup to translate Option to Meta automatically (see below). The net effet of that is that we see `

  • The "G" is upper case in the output because the Shift key was part of the signal sent. The same signal could be represented with an explict Shift and a lowercase "g". So, instead of `


The reason I need to figure out the details of the keypresses is to set up hotkey triggers in my config. For example, if I wanted Enter + a to print "Hello, World" whenever I pressed it I'd used the techniqe above to fiugre out that Neovim sees it as:



I can use that to make the following to print out "Hello, World" whenever I hit the key in Normal mode.


vim.keymap.set('n', '<M-A>', function() 
  print("Hello, World")
end, { desc = "Prints Hello World" })

Wrapping Up

This is one of those small but nice reductions of friction. Since it's so easy to see what my key mappings are I'm a lot more likely to use them. And, I should point out, things aren't always so stright forward, I've got Enter + j mapped to Option + Shift + F11 to avoid conflicting with other mappings. Figuring out what's what quickly is, if you'll forgive the pun, key.