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My Music Playlists

I don't do a lot with playlists. Mostly, I just star songs and play them randomly. There are a few that are important to me though.

December 2023

The Liked Songs

First things, first. This isn't what I'd call a playlist. It's just the 5,548 songs I've liked on spotify as of Dec. 2023

The Uplifting Playlist

I need to do a write up about this one. It's the music I go to when my brain goes sideways

I'm not exaggerating when I say this playlist has saved my life

Single Songs To Loop

Wearing headphones is a constant. The way the music plays changes. I go through phases where I'll put a single song on repeat for, no joke, three days.

HIAM's Summer Girl, for example.

I mean, just listen to the bari sax lick ffs.

Anyway, here's a playlist of some songs that I loop like that.

Other Playlists

Here's a few other ones I started putting together years ago with different paces.

I haven't really touched them in years, but now that I'm writing this post they are back in my brain a little. tbd on updates.

Super Chill

Relatively Chill

Chill Approaching Groove

Definite Groove



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