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My Grimoire

June 2022


A Grimoire is a book of magic. Mine is the most valuable tool I have. It's a collection of ten thousand notes assembled over the past twenty years.

You could call it an outboard brain, a developer's notebook, or a notes app. But, words matter. I'd rather have a book of magic than any of those.

Invoking Code

My grimoire is also more alive. Its power used to come from emacs orgmode. The killer feature was the ability to execute code blocks inside notes. Think Jupyter Notebooks but for any language inside any note.

(I've since moved to Neovim which doesn't have inline code execution. I'm building a plugin to add it.)

Casting Content

The words you're reading are housed in my grimoire. Same for the rest of the site. I open a note, type a few characters to generate a template and start writing. Hit save and the page generates.

All those little frictions to getting started are gone.

The same goes for dotfiles. The grimoire houses them too. There's a search engine behind the notes that lets me to get any file without the hassle of navigating a directory structure. I type nvim.lua and I'm in the file.

Even better, only the part of the file I tag for export gets moved. That let's me write up notes without having to put them in comments in the code. And, I can post them that way too.

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Footnotes And References