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Scratch Videos

Let's start with the videos. There are two types. "Make A..." style and "Behind The Scenes" style. In the Make A videos I go through a specific program build two times. The first time, I encourage you to not build and just watch. I'll show what we're going to do and talk about some of the details. The second time through we can build together if you're on a computer you can use.

The "Behind The Scenes" videos are way longer. It's me working on my projects and figuring out how to do things. These are more for watching than trying to build along with.

October 2023

Make A... Videos

Make A Jumping, Color Changing Ladybug In Scratch

Make A Keyboard Controlled Zebra In Scratch

Behind The Scenes

These are the longer videos where I'm building tool and projects myself if you'd like to see that. (I wouldn't try to build along because things tend to go in lots of different directions)

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